Amygdala is a contemporary circus performance reflecting the human presence in the natural world; the artists recreate aspects of the changing earth using the materials and actions that are implicated in its change. 

The materials

in Amygdala are essentially trash (plastic, paper drop cloths), and are strangling the organic world. Using these to make something beautiful--something that reflects the earth’s movement--reminds the viewer that the materials we produce come from the organic world and will continue to be part of it when we are gone.

The earth

changes in cycles and humans participate: seasons, tides, long-term heating and cooling, growth and collapse in species. Humanity’s cycles of surge and decline happen in tandem with earth in a constant negotiation of power between people and their environments.

In Amygdala, we are trying to offer a different type of negotiation, both with each other and our surroundings: destruction is not an ending, but rather the passage into a new beginning.

What will begin out of our destruction?

The circus disciplines are aerial rope, handstands, dance-acrobatics, and hand to hand.

The piece is separated into two different versions : indoor and in situ.

photo: Krista Saberova&Edgars Tabaks

photo: Krista Saberova&Edgars Tabaks

The project has received support from

As well as a huge thank you to the 82 people who supported our incredibly successful Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign. We could not do it without you.