Cie Catalyst is a collaboration between Natalie Oleinik (circus and visual art), Rosario Amato (circus), Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown (circus and visual art) and Flavio Cortese (sound and light design). Together they have developed a hybrid art form fusing contemporary circus and installation. The company is based in Toulouse, France.


Marina Mezzogiorno-Brown

discovered circus in New York in 2009. She studied aerial arts at The Circus Warehouse while finishing her bachelor’s degree in Ethnography and Contemporary Art at The Evergreen State College. In 2011 she moved to Italy for advanced training at FLIC circus school, where she focused on aerial rope. She has studied with Elodie Doñaque (aerial research), Peter Jasko (contemporary dance), and Jean Menigault (clown). She has worked with MagdaClan Circo, Petr Forman, and UMO Ensemble.


Natalie Oleinik

is a circus performer and creator. Her intense examination of visual arts in her youth has influenced her creative trajectory as a circus artist. She specialized in aerial rope at the National Circus School of Montreal and received her diploma in 2011. She has since worked with impactful contemporary circus companies in Canada and France (Les Colporteurs, Cie 111, Fheel Concepts, Vague de Cirque); performed in German cabaret (Variétéspektakel) and collaborated with aerial dance in the United States (Santa Barbara Centre for Aerial Dance).


Rosario Amato

trained at FLIC circus school as an acrobat-handstand artist (2004-06). Upon finishing school he traveled throughout Europe to deepen his knowledge and continue his training, where he met and studied with some of the premier acrobat-dancers on the continent such as Roberto Olivan, Ben Fury, and Piergiorgio Milano. He performed with his former company Caratomic, recipient of the EU’s Transmission award for the performing arts, across Europe. He has worked for No Gravity Dance Company and currently works for MagdaClan Circo.


Flavio Cortese

Born in Salento in 1991, Flavio played every instrument that came his way. His taste ranged from classical to electronic, and so he followed his passion for music to Turin where he studied sound engineering at the Music Lab. He began working at the 'Circolo dei Lettori' in Torino, as well as in city theatres and recording studios. In 2012 he became a technician for MagdaClan Circo, traveling for years with their bigtop. In 2015 he joined the company Zenhir, and found himself performing as an onstage technician. He became part of Catalyst in 2017, bringing sound, light, and precision to Amygdala.